If Hollywood Stars Looked Like Their Fan Art

Fan art, when fans draw their favorite stars, is one way to show how much you like them. But because there are so many fans of Hollywood stars, but only a small number of them can draw, some of their fan art looks very bad and messy. One look at most fan art is enough to keep you up all night and make you want to take a sleeping pill. But some unknown pranksters didn't think that was funny enough, so they wondered what would happen if Hollywood stars looked like the fan art painted on them. Get the kids away from the TV!

Angelina Jolie

Jim carrey

Mel Gibson

Tom Cruise

Daniel Craig

Brad Pitt

Harry Styles

Daniel Radcliffe

David Schwimmer

Justin Bieber

Zane Malik

George Michael

Robert Pattison

Jennifer Aniston

Matt Damon


Nicolas Cage

Lady Gaga

Scarlett Johansson

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