15 times when a neural network went wrong, showing that AI can also go wrong

Neural networks have changed our lives so much that some professionals started to worry that they might lose their jobs. In reality, "cyborgs have flooded the planet." AI can now write texts, do all tasks, and rewrite modern songs so that even Vladimir Vysotsky could sing them, even though Kurt Cobain wrote them. You are not seeing a dirty trick, getting the best people, and much more. On the other hand, the neural network doesn't have a soul or eyes, so it works without a soul and sometimes makes bizarre results. Have fun here!

a dog race

To design humans holding umbrellas, AI has to


humans doing yoga

"This is what I got when I tried to create an image of a fisherman catching salmon."

With roller skates, the neural network struggles

AI sometimes does something other than what you want it to.

A lot of people can perform a handstand. The unpleasant truth

On occasion, it occurs.

Semi-failed attempts to get Midjourney to make a parody of a meme featuring two girls screaming at a cat sitting at a table.

"Photo of a man demonstrating how to eat a hamburger to a woman"

Sometimes AI technology fails. "Knight Rider" was meant to be the name.

I enjoy the neural network's absurd behavior more. It was an amusing accident because I didn't even come close to writing something similar in the tooltip.

new criteria for beauty

I adore it when it occurs.


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