This Dad's Hilarious Reaction To His Wife Giving Birth Goes Viral

"Who says it's easy for dads when their kids are in labor?" Recent pictures that went viral of a couple giving birth to their third child show that dads are really worried about and often amazed by the birthing process.

In the past, dads weren't allowed in the birth room. Instead, they had to wait outside, hoping that everything would go well for mom and baby. These days, it's common for dads to be there during the whole birthing process. This can have funny effects, like with Amanda Renee and her partner Brett Sillis.

Many people fell in love with the couple's pictures from the delivery room, not just because they were giving birth for the third time but also because Brett's funny facial expressions made them look so cute.

A lot of people agree that Brett's feelings are precious. It might look like he's disgusted by the birthing process, but his wife Amanda says she's not. She wasn't even aware of how her husband was feeling when they were bringing their baby into the world. It wasn't until they looked at the pictures again that they realized how funny Brett's responses were.

She said, "We didn't even look at them until I came back into the room and said, 'I have to post these.'"

The happy couple and their daughter are now back home, spending quality time together and laughing at Brett's funny looks in the pictures from the delivery room.

Many people, especially men who could connect to Brett, liked the pictures shared over 6,000 times.

One dad wrote, "Dawg, this was me."

"That's why, when my husband wanted to "watch," I squished my knees together and told him I wouldn't push if he didn't get up by my head!" said another mother.

"Lol! I think this is how all men look. My husband could only look at my face because I had a baby six weeks ago. He knew he'd pass out from all the "stuff" coming out, so my nurse had to tap him to get him to look at the baby. The birth took 15 minutes. "Good job, mom!" said a third person.

Best wishes to the happy couple on the birth of their new child.

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