She is a bodybuilding champion aged 69 years old. She says, "Age Is Just A Number."

Making progress toward our long-term goals is always possible. It can take a long time to get to the top, but the win will still taste good because of all the hard work that went into the process. A perfect example of this way of living is Gladys Bravo, a 69-year-old Chilean athlete who won a national bodybuilding championship and will now go to South America to fight against other bodybuilders. Tell her that she should just be a cooking grandmother at her age! 

You can do some things when you're young, but there are better times to do them. It would help if you learned how to deal with time.

How often has Gladys Bravo heard herself say these things? Such. 

Still, she didn't give up. Not even for a second. At the ancient age of 69, she won an international bodybuilding competition and became a winner. Bravo is in great shape for her age, and on Facebook and Instagram, she posts about her workouts, gives nutrition tips, and motivates people who feel like they are...too old! "Nothing makes me special. I just want you to believe that we are all very mentally tough," she said. His goal is to be an example to the many people who follow closely his training. 

"Being on the national team and winning in my master fitness category meant I could represent my country at the competition in Buenos Aires," she wrote on Instagram. 

"I took part in it all while being completely unconscious. I had no idea what was in store for me!" I was sure I had to work very hard, and the goal of being able to serve my country kept me going. Being unable to go to the gym for three months because of the pandemic made it hard for me. Based only on my own experience, I got ready.  

An impressive feat for a fantastic body—an example for people who think that after sixty years, people can only use the TV remote! 

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