16 confusing but funny photos that can break your head trying to figure it out

Have you ever seen a picture that stopped you in your tracks and made you stare for a few minutes, trying to figure out what was happening? It could be a strange optical illusion, a poorly edited shot, or a strange accident. But even though these pictures are confusing, something about them makes you laugh even though you don't know what's going on. They look like a puzzle you can't solve but are still interesting.

"The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe"

It looks like a scene from the Hunger Games books with the nobles. Users created an excellent reason for this crazy-looking group of fashionistas at Paris Fashion Week. Each of them had to dress up as a character from the fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz," according to a celebrity plot. Well, you can see from left to right: Lion, the good witch Glinda, Dorothy's shoes, the Tin Woodman, and Theodora's witch. 

Most importantly, she remembered to put her phone in her pocket.

Here's how we see this conversation:

"You cut off your body and lived. How are you now?

"I think this was the wrong thing for me to do."

In the picture, you can see the Indian singer and actor Urfi Javed, who was called the "Indian Lady Gaga" because she was so flashy. 
Here is what she is wearing.

something fancy

The dog's "eyebrows" are essential and would not be the same without them. "Breast" might mean two hard-boiled chicken eggs. Based on what's written on the tablet's screen, this picture might have been taken in Thailand. 

"There is a public bathroom at our local pizza place."

At first glance, it might look like the right door is for hungry people, and the left is for people who want to eat. If the doors had the typical signs for toilets, there would be a lot of clarity. 

Excellent, almost everything is the same as in the sketch.

There should be a statement somewhere with information about how things are built and how they are held together. It's a pretty big job, and making it is going pretty well, but it's already clear that it will cost more than planned.

So that is always where the remote goes.

He sometimes acts like a pair of shoes. The mold owners must have thought there was nothing good about throwing it away, so they rented it to a shoe company.

Imagine what the police would say if someone left a crime scene in these shoes: "The criminal didn't leave any clues, but it looks like he dropped 2 universal remotes more than once."  

A urinal in a public bathroom in Mexico that looks like it was made for giants.

It's either a urinal for very tall people, or this guy needs to use the sink or drinking machine correctly. The urinal had to be very clean to pull off such a trick, even though almost no one had ever used it. The person who took the picture said it was born in the bathroom of the Xel-Há lodge in Mexico. 

This plant looks like it wants to get out of the desert.

A story says that the cactus is a cursed rock climber who was turned into a plant. Would anyone be brave enough to kiss him to break his spell?

Even though he may be just trying to get to the bathroom, 

Belly bolster

With all of this, this man can be happy that he still wears the same size pants as he did when he was younger. Also, his stomach fits the Fibonacci curve nicely.

For safety, it's best to always have three points of touch with whatever you're working on. This could be two legs and one arm or two arms and one leg. This man makes this move without even holding on to anything.

What does the prisoner do in the studio?

If you look at this picture, it might look like the presenter has a tracker on her leg, usually worn by criminals under house arrest. However, it is part of the microphone that there aren't many places on the presenter's dress where you could connect this device.

Don't fight, men!

A strange thing about one Korean magazine: on the photo on the left, you can see the magazine's cover, and on the image on the right, you can see its spread. The man on the left had no idea that this would happen. There was no advertising, just a joke.

In a different world,

Zebras are very different from horses in how they act, as they are very dangerous and violent. Zebras can stand up for themselves, and in some situations, they can safely avoid an attack from a predator and pile on him so much that he may never recover.

This picture was taken in Africa when animals were moving across a river. This zebra couldn't get away, and this picture was taken after it was already stuck. Even though the zebra lost the fight, it didn't give up. Instead, it held on to the crocodile with its teeth. 

This guy chose to try on the hairstyle of a simple video game character.

Client: "I wish I had a haircut from the Playstation era." "Not a word more!" said the hairdresser.

Hey dude, it looks like you're missing some polygons.

You may not understand what is happening right away, but it's easy if you think about it.

The flight attendant asks the people on board to vote on whether they'd rather watch "Chicken Run" or "Finding Nemo." PS: This picture is needed to get around the language problem, so the flight attendant asks the passenger what they want to eat: chicken or spicy fish.
The Silence of the Lambs is a horror movie. The Story of the Lying Fawns

Don't worry; those young deer are all fine. This picture was posted on the page of the Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife deer rehabilitation center in New York, so these deer are either moved to another rehabilitation center or let back into the wild.

Phone with a hole for a key. Real progress!

The whole point of this picture isn't the hole in the phone but the fact that it still works even though it has one. People were told to remove the protection film and put the phone in rice.

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