Photoshopped pictures that went viral and made everyone on the Internet think they were real

When images are posted on the internet, they spread quickly; with just one click, thousands of people can see them. Photoshop images that go viral are known to trick everyone because of how well they are edited. This makes people think that whatever is in the photo is real. As I was gathering the photos I just talked about, I noticed that some of them were pictures I thought were real.

If you've been on the internet for a while, I'm sure at least one of these photos will look familiar. How do you do it, Photoshop masters? Even though they look weird, these are very impressive.

Okay, this one's fake. That doesn't mean it isn't cool, though!

Giant Skeleton

They even got the shadow right.. wow.

This one is beautiful.

I really thought this was real.

First dab? Nope, just shooting off Dunkirk.

Both are weird.

No star-shaped island for us, I guess

If it had happened, it would have been legendary.

I've already seen this one!

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