After his barber told him to grow a beard, this man's life changed completely

Men without beards are like women who don't put on any makeup. Like makeup makes us women feel pretty and confident, a beard makes men feel more confident and mature.

We're talking about the men who love their beards, but some men prefer to be clean-shaven, and to be honest, it can be much nicer to kiss a man who doesn't have a beard.

I know that some of you are mad at me, but everyone has their own opinion on whether men should grow beards or not. It's one of those situations where the beard will either look good on the man and become a part of him, or it won't.

But it worked out just fine for Gwilym Pugh. He is a businessman who is 21 years old and works from home. This has caused him to gain a lot of weight, So his barber told him that growing a beard would make him feel better.

"At the time, I was pretty fat, working 12 hours a day, and had a lot of injuries that kept me from training," Gwilym told Wales Online. "The business was doing fine, but I decided I needed to get my life in order and get healthy again."

Gwilym was in a band, and when he started growing a beard, He decided to do something more. And start eating better. But he knew he had to stop spending 12 hours a day in front of his computer if he wanted to be able to lose.

After losing about 90 pounds in 5 years, he said, "It was the best thing for my health because I stopped sitting for nine to ten hours a day."

When he lost most of his weight, he made an Instagram account to tell his story.

He looks great, doesn't he? When he saw Gwilym's Instagram account, Nathan Palmer, a Welsh tailor, thought the same.

He now works for AMCK Models and has worked with many brands, such as Diesel and Vans.

"One picture is worth a thousand words... When I was 22, I was overweight, had a lot of injuries, and was so unhappy that I hardly ever left the house.

He became a brand ambassador for David Beckham's male grooming brand, House 99, because of his success and a great beard. He also worked hard, of course.

"I'm happier and healthier than I ever thought possible, and I'm doing things I would never have dreamed of doing."

"I think it's lucky I got into this line of work when I did."

Even though he has a lot of success, he stays humble and kind.

"I try not to get too involved, and my girlfriend helps me do that."

"After working in finance for years, it's great to work with creative people and see the world."

He said it was the best thing he could have done for his health.

He tries to keep his look and body the same while travelling and having fun.

"What's needed is regular osteo care, morning mobility exercises, and HIIT workouts."

Now it seems more possible to grow a beard.

I am having fun with a cat.

I am seeing the whole world.

Grow that beard, and maybe you, too, will become a model.

Grow that beard, and maybe you, too, will become a model.

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram

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