The Unluckiest People Ever Captured on Camera (11 pics)

There are a lot of people who have bad luck and try to stay lucky. They keep running out of it, though. Some people have had so many bad things happen to them that even being embarrassed makes them feel something. At least once in their lives, everyone has been in that situation.

Here are 11 pictures of people who have had the worst luck ever.

Who gives a damn about the Ex-President?

You may have dreamed of meeting the president in real life. Even this man did it. When the ex-president came to see him, he was dreaming about something else. But the former president and his staff had a good laugh and took a nice picture with this man while he was sleeping.

Try to get the cake!

We hate it when people waste cakes because we love cakes. The 5-second rule tells you what will happen if someone drops it on the floor.
Could've, should've, or would've...

What we see when we shop online isn't always what we get. Look at this poor thing. If only it looked like it did on the site.

Keep that stance for the camera.

In that picture, those women couldn't have looked any better. But, as you can see, things went wrong, and the camera shutter quickly caught that sad moment.

Let's swap

You can add new things to Snapchat; it's scarier than ever here. You can switch the parts of your face and surprise people.

Having to carry that extra load

You should be careful if you are hurrying to get somewhere or carrying something heavy.

Not a very good shot

Sometimes too much ambition can be dangerous. He might have wanted a good picture, but before his camera could take one, he got one right at him.

We won't even be able to eat.

Food that has changed is so typical that we all have doubts about what we eat. Just look at how dangerous this person almost ate in the name of having good taste.

Bad luck or just being mean?

Your number is rarely the only one that is missed. It could be their way of getting back at us.

How dare you!

You never know what will hit you when you watch a sporting event. Don't laugh at this, because you might get another chance.

A big mess

This mess will take a long time to clean up. And think about how bad the smell will be after the truck leaves.

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