On a Turkish Airlines flight, a woman gave birth to a baby girl at 42,000 feet. The pictures are so adorable.

It wasn't like any other flight for everyone on the Turkish airline when Nafi Diaby went into labour at 12,800m in the air. The labour pains got worse during the flight, but the cabin crew kept helping Nafi Diaby, who was 28 weeks pregnant.

As soon as they saw the woman, Nafi Diaby, they rushed to help her give birth. The flight staff made the most of the plane seats to ensure that everyone was as comfortable as possible.
Bouthayna Inanir, a flight attendant, said that at first, she thought the woman was having a miscarriage. However, when she saw the baby, she knew she had to help. Inanir, on the cabin crew, told her she had to take the child and give it to the mother.

The companies told people about the good news about the baby on their Twitter accounts. They also put up pictures of the baby with the flight crew. The mother and her child get medical help when they get to Ouagadougou Airport. The mom and her kid are both healthy.

Most companies let pregnant women fly up to 36 weeks if they are at least 28 weeks along. Turkish Airlines says that expecting women can travel if they have a doctor's note saying they're healthy enough to carry on a plane. But they won't be able to move after that, even without permission.

People worldwide praised the woman and the flying crew for their work. They also said nice things about the baby being born early. On the other hand, some people were also shocked by where the baby was born. The excited users then asked what country the child would be from.

(Image courtesy of Turkish Airlines)

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