30 Funny pictures of smart people doing dumb things

Even the most intelligent people do dumb things from time to time. Everyone does, right? No one is perfect, after all. And as harsh as it may seem, it's also in our nature to laugh at these times, even if it's at someone else's expense.

These funny things happened; luckily, they were caught on camera and shared on social media for us to enjoy.

Scroll down to see some of the best photos of "smart people being stupid." They range from simple mistakes to blatant acts of stupidity to hilariously endearing slip-ups and just plain stupid behavior.

1. Uneducated Potato

2. Steve? Brian? Same Difference.

3. Seems Reasonable

4. Why Would Anyone Be Disappointed By This?

5. Loved Leonardo Da Vinci In Titanic

6. Um, Thanks Eva

7. Ummmmmmm...

8. Literally

9. Catfished

10. Oh Dear

11. Wow

12. This "Docking Station" Is Faulty 

13. This Art Piece Got a Ticket For Being Illegally Parked

14. Kim Kardashian Playing Poker With Mirrored Sunglasses

15. This Is Worrying

16. I'm Not A Jerk, I Promise

17. Seems Like a Good Idea

18. How Has This Person Survived This Long?

19. Why Though?

20. When Your Hair Is More Important Than Your Laptop

21. Interesting

22. Genius

23. I Have No Words For This

24. Pretty Sure That's An Avocado

25. Our Teacher Attempting To Cover The Answers To This Question Coming From A Projector

26. Eeek

27. Amazing Use Of a Clip Board Right There

28. Damn Line Is Taking Forever

29. Well He Tried

30. No Really... Imagine

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