A statue of a famous cat stands in the place where he liked to hang out.

Meet Tombili, a beloved neighborhood cat who won the hearts of many people in Istanbul with his calm and relaxed personality. It's unclear if Tombili had a home of his own, but everyone liked him and thought he was cute. After people took and shared a picture of him in a casual pose on the street, he became a big deal on the Internet.

People who lived in Istanbul said they would love to sit back and watch the world go by. Also, he was easygoing and excellent with people who wanted to love, cuddle, or play with him. When people wanted to take a picture with him, he was always happy to stay in his signature pose.

Sadly, Tombili died in August of an illness that no one knows about. Soon after he died, a statue of Tombili was made in his favorite spot to show how much the locals loved their fat cat friend.

Now, the Tombii's pose is forever captured in a bronze statue unveiled on World Animal Day, October 4, 2016. With its figure, it will always be there to remind everyone about Tombili.

Before the statue of Tombii was put in his favorite place, one of his fans wrote (and Reddit translated): "You will live in our hearts. After fighting for life for a month, our street's mascot, the beloved TOMBILI, gave up and died on August 1.

Rest in peace Tombii!

Source - thedodo.com

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