Meet the unofficially the world's oldest cat, who is 31 and still has many lives to live.

This tabby cat, who is in the running to be the world's oldest cat, just turned 31 years old (the equivalent of 141 in human years). Nutmeg is his name; he chose his people when he showed up in their backyard 26 years ago.

Liz and Ian Finlay took in the cat in 1990 when it was a stray who got along with their other cat, Spice. When they took the cat to their local Cats Protection to treat Nutmeg's abscess on the neck, they told the owners that the cat was at least 5 years old.

This makes Nutmeg the oldest cat in the world, but to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, his owners have to show proof of his age, which is hard to do, but they are working on it.

Last year, Nutmeg had a terrible stroke, but now he is stronger and back on his feet. This makes people wonder how many lives this cat has.

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