Funny Guy Yuri Isterika tries to "recreate" the outfits of famous people, and the results are funny.

How many famous people do you follow on social media right now? There are too many to count. Russian comedian Yuri Isterika, who goes by the name Mataharik on social media, doesn't just follow famous people on Instagram; he also makes a name for himself by making funny parodies. This witty blogger copies the clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and poses of some of the most famous people in the entertainment industry by using everyday household items.

Most of us follow our favorite celebrities on social media because we want to be like them one day. If not, following them makes us feel like we are a part of their glory. Most of us are happy to look at their perfect pictures, but Isterika wants to do more than look at them—she wants to recreate them ridiculously. His funny parody is similar to Anucha Saengchart's clever, low-cost cosplay from Thailand. But Isterika isn't interested in making us look like our favorite anime, cartoon, or movie characters. Instead, he wants to make us look like the celebrities we love and follow.






















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