34 types of rarest and most beautiful pigeon species in the world at a glance!


When we think about pigeons, we immediately think about the usual white or grey color pigeons that we can see in cities. 

But do you know that there are more than 30 types of pigeons in the world?

And some of them look nothing like the city pigeons; you won’t be able to identify them as pigeons if you ever saw them. These pigeons come in every shape and color with both beautiful and unusual looks. You will see how fashionable some of these species are when you look through the photo collection. 

Pigeon racing is a sport. Specially trained pigeons are released into the sky, inspecting their return to homes over a carefully measured distance. And the Royal Pigeon Racing Association in the United Kingdom is a governing body for pigeon racing. This association has acquired a lot of information about the pigeons over time.

According to RPRA, pigeons have excellent skills and can reach speeds over 70 miles per hour (113 kilometers per hour).  The speed, endurance, and ability to return to an exact location are the main reasons for using these birds for world wars. The contribution of these excellent animals in winning World War II was so significant, 32 homing pigeons were awarded Dickin Medals.

Studies on pigeons show exciting facts about these birds. Research published in 2017 says that pigeons can understand the concepts of space and time a lot, similar to primates like humans, apes, and monkeys. As expert navigators, pigeons can find their way back to their nests even from 2.1 kilometers away. So, they are known to be a highly skilled species in the animal world.

The pigeons have a long history with humans. For all of us, the most familiar pigeon is the typical city pigeon, which is also called the rock pigeon. According to scientists, these pigeons might have been the very first birds humans have ever domesticated. Figurines of pigeons have appeared in mosaics and on coins from ancient Mesopotamia since at least 4500 BC, which proves this fact.

Also, people used pigeons for communication from an early age. Evidence shows that from around 3000 BC, people used to set caged pigeons free and then follow them to nearby land.  There are also facts to prove that ancient Greeks used pigeons to carry Olympic results.

So, it is true that pigeons were a part of human life for a very long time. They are the foundation of the advanced communication we experience in this modern day.

Here are 34 types of rarest and most beautiful pigeon species. Go through the images and enjoy this article admiring these intelligent creatures.

#1 Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

#2 The Nicobar Pigeon

#3 Victoria Crowned Pigeon

#4 Brown Frillback Pigeon

#5 Bronzewing Pigeon

#6 Blue Crowned Pigeon

#7 Jacobin Pigeons

#8 Indian Fantail

#9 African Green-Pigeon

#10 Spinifex Pigeon

#11 Grey Frillback Pigeon

#12 Pied Imperial Pigeon

#13 Ice Pigeon

#14 Lahore Pigeon

#15 Capuchine/ Jacobin Mix

#16 Red White Roller Pigeon

#17 Archangel Pigeon

#18 English Trumpeter Pigeon

#19 English Barb

#20 Brunner Pouter Pigeon

#21 Lahore Pigeon

#22 Fantail Pigeon

#23 Kabutar Pigeon

#24 Old Dutch Capuchine

#25  Black Helmet Pigeon

#26 Old Dutch Capuchine

#27 Unique Pigeon

#28 English Short-Faced Tumbler

#29 German Modena Pigeon

#30 Oriental Frill Pigeon

#31 Tumbler Pigeon

English Carrier Pigeon

Voorburg Shield Cropper

#34 Scandaroon Pigeon

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