Retriever that befriends all the butterflies comes to his garden!


Milo, a 2-year-old puppy, is the gentlest dog you will ever find. 

His best friends are the monarch butterflies that reside in his garden, so what's more, you need to prove his gentle nature?

Let us hear the story of Milo, who became famous on Twitter after a video of him with butterfly wrath. 

This video got more than 2.2 million views, 230k likes and showed the world a beautiful friendship between two different species.

Jennifer Bennett is the owner of this adorable puppy. Milo joined her family when he was only ten weeks old after his uncle, a dog named Boden's passing, who was the previous pet of the owner. Milo has a lot of friends in his home. Besides her favorite dog, Jennifer's family also raises monarchs in the garden and chickens in their backyard. They all are Milo's friends, and he treats them so gently, often playing with them.

Milo belongs to Nova Scotia duck trolling retrievers, and they are the smallest of the retriever family. Commonly called trollers, these dogs are brilliant, playful, energetic, and happy creatures. Milo shows off most of these characteristics of his family. He loves to play on the beach, hike and he adores cooking. His favorite ingredients are carrots and peanut butter which the puppy often uses to make his treats. As gentle as he is, he also loves to be playful, running around and having fun all the time.

As we mentioned above, Milo loves cooking. He has his own YouTube channel dedicated to publishing videos of cooking delicious treats that suit his other dog friends. As a professional chef, he will show you how to prepare tasty meals easily in a lesser time.

You can check on Milo’s channel ‘Drooling for Treats’ on YouTube to find home-cooked delicacies for your puppies. Milo's friends, monarchs, often join his cooking show as his guests. So, check on his videos. You will be able to watch some heartwarming clips of the beautiful interactions between these best friends. 

Milo is a natural at being a gentle creature. His owner mentioned that each time they feed him, he would come over to them and kiss them as a thank you. The puppy takes care of everyone, making sure that everyone and everything is okay. Even with the butterflies, he was not trained at all to behave that way. Instead, he immediately befriended and treated them with the same care he shows others making butterflies love back their friend more and more.

This puppy has more than one talent. Other than cooking, Milo is a born model who loves picture times. Often, he is the one to find beautiful spots, and he poses perfectly for pictures without any guidance. There’s a picture in the collection that shows him standing in the middle of flowers, waiting for a photo which is so cute. And it is the best example that shows his artistic nature.

So, enjoy these images of Milo and his friends, monarch butterflies, and see yourself what an incredible bond they make.
















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