The eyes of animals; the newest addition to the series 'Animeyed’ of a talented photographer


Flora Borsi is a Budapest-based artist with exceptional photography skills. Her self-portraits show off a combination of art and uniqueness, and she has introduced her latest collection to the viewers to enjoy.

Flora is truly a passionate photographer. She held art exhibitions both locally and internationally, including solo exhibitions in Europe and across the USA. Her shows at Louvre, France, gathered a lot of art lovers around this exceptional artist. She was also a photographer who took part in the Continental Shift group exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. The talent of this artist is shown by how many awards and recognitions she has gathered along the way. She won multiple art prizes for her aesthetic art pieces and earned critical acclaim from the press, including BBC Culture and The Guardian's Observer. Flora also got the chance to showcase her artwork as the face of Adobe Photoshop in 2014. It earned her many positive reviews from the audience and gathered many art lovers around her.

Flora's photography is truly unique. The animals portray with her in each picture look exactly like natural living, breathing animals. But they are not. Combining her innate skills with digital techniques, she ensures that each photo looks as natural as possible.

And you won't be able to find whether they are fabricated or not in any way. One of Flora's main goals is to make sure the images are as natural as possible, like unedited snapshots with real animals. Seeing her end work, we can be sure that she has achieved her goal.

The idea for the "Animeyed" series came to Flora when she took a selfie with a dog. She saw that both her eyes and dog's eyes looked quite the same, and it inspired her to create a whole new series themed on animal and human nature. "Animeyed” is not just a series about aesthetic diversity in the animal kingdom; it also represents Flora’s own identity and femininity.

In her website, she has mentioned that the reason for hiding and revealing the eyes or face to leave only the feminine form is to explore questions on female representation and the relationship between body and self. 

The fact that Flora is the model for her pictures means that she aims not just to show the unique aesthetic of nature and humans but also to represent women as a vital part of this whole ecosystem.

Deviating from the “Animeyed” theme, Flora has many other series that show the world her masterly manipulations and self-portrait skills. One of her other collections is themed "dark fantasies and atmospheric dreams," which will surely give you a whole new experience about art and self-portraits. If you visit her Instagram page, you will see Flora’s many other creations on various themes. Remember to check them out while enjoying the below photographs of this talented artist.














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