17 people who found their lookalikes in the most unexpected places

Identical twins are used to looking at their exact copy, but the rest of us have probably never had the chance to see the reflection of our faces in someone else. A doppelgänger is a biologically unrelated lookalike of a living person, and scientists say there's about a 1 in 135 chance that we'll find our exact copy.

Even though it may seem strange, these people found identical twins in the most unknown places.

This girl could be Rihanna's twin.

I met my double last year."

"Why does my brother look like Anne Hathaway?"

Demi Moore lookalike

"My daughter and this painting"

An unexpected encounter

"I'm on the left; the guy on the right was someone I randomly bumped into."

"I drove 10 hours alone to a concert and met my lookalike."

"When you go to get a flu shot, and the pharmacist is your double."

"I found my doppelganger, only about 100 years apart."

"A waiter at the restaurant said a guy in the kitchen looked like me and brought him out."

"I met my double today."

"My son is the real version of the book he got for Christmas."

"I found mine!"

"They said I look a little like Johnny Depp."

"This girl reminds me of a famous model."

"Andrew Zimmern and I"

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