10 American cities from 100 years ago presented through coloured photos

City life has dramatically changed in the US in the last 100 years. We've grown in size and population, more people use public transportation and their cars, and our buildings are used for different things now than they were before. The country went from having 45 states to having 48 states between 1900 and 1912, and the Industrial Revolution changed our business for good. What did the big towns of the United States look like right after 1900? We can take a look thanks to these coloured old photos that the Culture Critic shared on Twitter. These are pictures of 10 prominent American past and present American towns.

Most people in the country don't like Buffalo, which isn't meant to be rude to people from western New York. With hefty snowfall, freezing weather, and being closer to Toronto than any other American city (unless you count Rochester), it's easy to see why people there are passionate football fans and not much else to get excited about. But these pictures show a lot more of Buffalo. The main street in one of these shots might be the most beautiful in any city. This made me want to get on a regional Dash-8 jet and go to Buffalo.

So look at Buffalo and ten other beautiful American towns from 100 years ago. 

1. Buffalo, New York (1908)

2. Buffalo during the Pan-American Exposition (1901)

3. Saratoga Springs, New York (1915)

4. Boston, Massachusetts (1907)

5. New York City, New York (1916)

6. Times Square before the billboards (1905)

7. Kanas City, Missouri (1906)

8. Long Beach, California (1910)

9. Charleston, South Carolina (1910)

10. Cincinnati, Ohio (1890)

11. Detroit, Michigan (1901)

12. Belle Isle ferry dock (1905)

13. St. Louis, Missouri (1904 World's Fair)

14. South Lagoon at the fair (1904)

15. Chicago, Illinois (1893 World's Fair)

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