Anzhelika Protodyakonova, a woman with huge eyebrows, posts a fun picture without them, making her look like someone else.

The fact that Anzhelika Protodyakonova's name is so often linked to social media fame is mainly due to her big eyebrows.

That being said, she looks very different when she doesn't have the famous eyebrows that made her famous.

A beauty blogger who became famous online for having big eyebrows shows her appearance without them.

Anzhelika Protodyakonova, from Russia, first attracted people in 2018 when she started drawing huge eyebrows on her face.

Anzhelika, now 25, recently changed her makeup look to one that is classier and more beautiful.

Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova

Anzhelika broke away from her famous look by posting a selfie with her natural eyebrows on Instagram.

Instead of drawing attention to her brows, she made a statement with bright red lipstick and thick eyelashes.

Her choice of clothes was just as stylish. She wore all black with a stylish Gucci belt and brightly coloured nails to make the outfit stand out.

Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova

Anzhelika's fans were blown away by how much she had changed, and some even asked her to go on dates.

"Beautiful, can I have your number?" asked one fan in a flirty way.

Someone else who followed her said, "Bright makeup looks great on you."

A third person said, "What a beauty you are."

Still more people spoke well of her: "You look well-groomed, beautiful girl!"

The blogger has more than 107,000 Instagram fans because of how she looks.

Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova

Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova

In her bio, Anzhelika wrote about how she became famous: "My name is Anzhelika." Because of my eyebrows, I've become famous.

These unique eyebrows have made her famous on social media and caught the attention of businesses, which now pay her to push their goods, though not all of the feedback she's gotten has been good.

Credit: Instagram / @anzhelika_protodiakonova

Throughout her trip, Anzhelika has been compared to an "Angry Bird" because of how big her eyebrows are.

Still, these similarities don't have much of an effect on her spirit and confidence.

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