Mom makes fun of her model brother by having her toddler copy his poses, which is hilariously adorable.

You can find Augie back on fabdreem with more clean and cute pictures. People loved Augie when he was on our website three years ago. Making copies of Augie's uncle's pictures is a fun hobby for the little boy and his mom. The uncle is a model, and his name is Aristotle Polites. There are a lot of photos to copy.

When we asked Augie's mom if he likes taking pictures, she said, "As he's gotten older, he's more involved in choosing what pictures are taken." We can do any of the ones I show him. He picks the one he wants to do. "Seeing old ones makes him laugh, and he loves it when we scroll through them."

More Info & Images Credit - Augie's Instagram / uncles Instagram

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