A Stray Dog Interrupts Pro Soccer Match In Bolivia, Gets Adopted By A Player Who Carried Him Off The Field

People who play soccer know what it's like to want to run into the field and show the players how it's done. We will leave this game to professionals unless the person who wants to help is a dog. These feelings often happen to couch potatoes during an explosion.

There was a game between The Strongest and Nacional Potosí in La Paz, Bolivia. During the game, this stray dog chose to take matters into its paws. The dog's three minutes of fame has made him the show's star. The dog happily ran around with a stolen football boot in its mouth and got belly rubs from players on the field. Raúl Castro, a player for the home team, then carried the dog off the field.

Many fans fell in love with the furball, which they later named Cachito. It also helped the home team win the Christmas Eve game 3-0. It's too bad that the story doesn't stop there. Ultimately, it's more than the dog expected unless that was the whole point.

Source - Boredpanda

A lost dog in Bolivia got a lot of attention when it got in the way of a soccer game.

He ran around for three minutes while biting the shoe of the replacement goalkeeper.

The dog named "Cachito" wouldn't give up his moment of fame, and when players tried to restrain him, he responded with belly rubs.

Raúl Castro, a player for the home team, finally caught the dog and carried him off the field.

Unfortunately, the dog was found badly hurt after being hit by a car a few days after the game.

A nearby shelter saved the dog, and it is slowly getting better.

Raúl Castro, who helped Cachito leave the stadium, heard the story and decided to adopt the puppy when he returned from the next game.

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