We all have this friend: the puppy that keeps "Ruining" group photos in a funny way goes viral

Kiko likes to stand out in a group picture, just like Hina the Shiba Inu does. The puppy "rebels" by turning her back on the photographer when Kiko's pack stands for the camera. She does this all the time, but she has developed her own unique quirk. That being said, she doesn't completely ignore them. Kiko's head snaps back, revealing a look that says, "Oh my God, how can she even bend like that?" Kiko's friends don't seem to mind that she acts out. You could call it mischief. Most of the time, at least!

More Info & Images Credit - Instagram/Kayatheshepherd

"The three ginger dogs are Finnish spitz," Ashleigh Macpherson told Bored Panda about her dogs. "Mika is our three-year-old daughter." This is Tofu, the other orange dog. She is Mika's baby and is 15 months old. Kiko is the last ginger. She is 9 months old and often turns her head backwards. She is Mika's kid, too. They are crazy, sassy dogs that look a lot like cats. These people talk a lot and have a lot to say. They are little dogs with significant characters.

Kaya is the name of the white dog. She is a White Swiss dog. She is the "motherly figure" of the cute group and is 6 years old.

Macpherson said, "Kiko was a Covid puppy and was raised during the lockdown." "She was a puppy that didn't have any littermates." So, the cats were her friends when she was a child. "Maybe that's why she's such a strange person."

The dogs are supposed to sit and pose for the camera, but Kiko is still a puppy and will sometimes break her stay to do other things, like "ruining" the shots of the pack! That was something she learned on her own.

When she looks the other way, she will want to turn her head and look at me immediately. "It's her quirk that was recently turned into a trick," Macpherson said.

These dogs are a family, and not just because they are related. Almost every day, they go for walks and trips together. "Finnish spitz dogs have a lot of energy, so they need to run around to keep them from going crazy at home."

They also get daily training to ensure they know how to behave appropriately.

Macpherson said, "Kiko goes to work with me, but the other dogs stay at home." "They all sleep until I get home from work. Then we go for our second walk or hike."

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