"I've Started Ageing Backwards," says a 52-year-old woman who tells us how she stays young.


With her fantastic exercise journey, Denise Kirtley goes against people's ideas about getting older. She has inspired many at 52, showing that age doesn't matter when following your dreams and living a healthy life. 

How she started aging backwards.

Denise's story shows how important it is to work hard and have a good attitude. She fell in love with exercise much later in life, which changed her life. Weightlifter Denise Kirtley put on more than 20 kgs when she was 49, but she used it as a cause for change for the better.

She proudly says that she is "ageing backward" because she changed her attitude from being a couch potato to a bodybuilder and coach. Her story is moving because it shows how she changed her life for the better. 

To reach your goal, you need to be determined and patient. 

Denise lost 50 pounds (22 kgs) in her first year, which made her want to start weightlifting. She competed in The first physique tournament in November 2022, and she did it with courage. Weightlifting has not only made her more robust, but it has also made her feel very alive again. 

She cares for her two much younger brothers even though she has none. Denise loves animals and wants to start her small farm. Her husband and two dogs live with her, constantly keeping her busy and moving. 

How having a passion opens up more chances and possibilities. 

Denise models for magazines. She has been in Fit and Firm Magazine and the work of photographer Kai York. She always makes people feel better and tells them to enjoy life to the fullest. 

"You have a choice once you hit midlife," she said. You can let your best years go and let your story slowly build up to an ending you know is coming. You can also choose not to end the book that way. 

Being old doesn't take away from how great she is.


She said, "I thought about a different future and did something about it." And really, it's that simple. You decide that you want more, and every day, you do something to move towards your goals. Take one step at a time. She tells everyone that it's always possible to change a habit or make themselves feel better by getting better. 

Denise wants to compete in a bodybuilding event in 2024 when she will be 53 years old. At the same time, she coaches women in their 40s who are going through similar problems. She wants to encourage others to live their best lives and be the heroes of their own stories. 

Denise Kirtley's story shows that with desire, determination, and breaking free from stereotypes, you can still do great things as you age. Her story makes us want to accept what makes us different, push the limits, and age with power and grace. 

Being fit, looking young, and having strong muscles, this couple, who are 60 and 56 years old, defies their age. Being in love and working out together has allowed them to do many things while keeping in great shape. 

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