12 unfortunate lip makeup trends that once left a deep mark on the psyche of Internet users

We often see silly lip beauty trends on the Internet that take over social networks and start hot arguments between people. We must accept these crazy ideas were, are, and will be. Fashionistas can't just sit around and think of something new and fancy.

It is important to remember that these trends are popular on social networks because they are strange and different. Many people play around with them for fun and to show themselves. So please give it some thought before you wear them every day.

Wool lips

Jessica Ferrelli, an Australian, started the style. She got the idea from velvet nail art and tried to apply it to her face. The girl used a special powder to make the vision come true.

Octopus lips

People say that Russian surgeon Emelyan Braude came up with the idea for octopus lips. Many girls tried to make their lips look like they did in the future by using makeup. It didn't go very well.

"Beef" lips

The use of pale colours makes this makeup stand out. Girls can make their eyes look bigger using gradient, mascara, and clear lip gloss.

Partially lined lips

This is a good trend. However, the lips still need to be completed with this colour.

Glossy lips

Have you thought about how this would feel on your lips yet? Brrr.

cartoon lips

Pointed lips

This lip colour was seen for the first time on the web in 2015. It looks creepy.

Rainbow lips

Wet lips effect

A sea of clear glitter is what you'll need to get the same effect.

Bratz doll lips

The main goal here is to make the lip shape look artificial.

Makeup with confetti

Golden lips

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