An American woman entered the Guinness Book of Records with the longest hairstyle in the world. She hasn't cut her hair since 1990

The 58-year-old resident of the American state of Tennessee, Tami Manis, was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest hairstyle in the world - she has been wearing a mullet on her head for many years. The length of Tami's hair when the record was set on August 31, 2023, was 172.72 cm. The woman, who works as a nurse, had not cut her hair for 33 years—since February 9, 1990!

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records recently included the longest mullet in the list of records, and the woman immediately applied. This is what the new record holder looks like.

This is Tami Malis, the owner of the longest hairstyle in the world, included in the Guinness Book of Records.


Last year, a woman participated in the US championship in mullets (her hairstyle) and took second place there, receiving $300. This year, her hairstyle acquired a much more serious title.

Tami's hair length when the record was set was 172.72 cm.

She usually braids her hair because it is longer than she is tall.

Tami hasn't had her hair cut since February 9, 1990. That's 33 years.


The woman believes her good genes allowed her to grow such long, thick hair. To care for them, Tami uses conditioner with argan oil. After washing her hair, the record holder dries it with paper towels so it does not remain wet.

It is essential to clarify that the length of her hair is a record for hairstyles. Tami wears a mullet.


The essence of the hairstyle, popular among rock musicians of the 1970s, including David Bowie, is that the hair is kept short at the front and sides and grown out at the back. So Tami has the longest part of her hair at the back. No one in the world has such a length who manages to leave some hairstyle on their head and does not just let their hair grow and grow indefinitely.

For reference, the owner of the longest hair on her head is the Chinese woman Xie Qiuping, with 5.6 meters of hair. The 63-year-old woman has held this record since 2004. You can see even more recent records from this year in our selection.

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