19 real lucky people who collected not only healthy mushrooms but also a bunch of likes on the Internet

It's now officially mushroom season in the fall! So, the Internet is full of pictures of people who love picking mushrooms and people who like to show off what they've found. Some people who want to go mushroom hunting share how many they see, while others post pictures of single mushrooms on social networks and get a lot of likes. Some finds are enormous, which is very interesting. Users say that once you find one of these mushrooms, you can use it to make several meals at once and store the rest. Pictures of record-breaking mushrooms below will make you want to grab a basket and immediately head to the nearest bush.

This is what happiness looks like

A mushroom of fantastic size. It's incredible that he could grow to such dimensions and remain intact.

These giant boletuses are incredible. The baby is very comfortable in one of them.

Real hammers of Thor

Perfectly shaped mushroom. This is a mushroom bun.

He shows off his booty.

Nice mushroom. Just look at it: a real showpiece.

Is this reality or a dream? Can mushrooms be that big?

Just look at the scale of this ruby ​​boletus.

After such a find, you can safely avoid going into the forest until next fall.

A smile from ear to ear speaks for itself.

Polypora is an excellent alternative to oyster mushrooms.

Generous gifts of the forest

Happiness. That moment when you find excellent mushrooms that are the size of your head

Special surprise

What a find!

The diameter of this handsome guy is 30 centimetres.

Treasure found together

A young mushroom picker demonstrates his findings.


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