20 Brides Who Showed That You Don't Have To Spend Thousands Of Dollars On A Wedding Dress

Everybody who has ever been married or planned a wedding will tell you that costs can add up very quickly. It's easy to run out of money in the middle of planning an event. Things like bite-sized sandwiches, invitations, and place rent can add up quickly. Few women have spent too much on their wedding dresses, which is good news for those who want to save money.

On the r/WeddingsUnder10K subreddit, women are showing off the pretty dresses they got for cheap, showing that you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. In the pictures below, you can see some of the most beautiful cheap wedding dresses.

More Info & Images Credit - r/Weddingsunder10k

1. $30 Find at the Salvation Army! It fits like a glove, has been changed to fit a 32" rib cage, and has the breast pads and the right length. It's either the same size as the last bride or this was made just for me. And pockets!!

2. I thought I had found my dress months ago, but then this one showed up in the mail. Finally, at 4'11", I feel like a bride and an adult lol. Cost: $82

3. The dress, the veil, and the changes to it were all $170 on Etsy. We are very excited about our small Airbnb wedding, and we hope it doesn't get cancelled.

4. My wedding dress for $70! (Thrift Shop Score)

5. The $368 wedding dress I bought on Etsy arrived today and looks just like the pictures!! (More Details Below)

6. I paid $25 at Goodwill for my wedding dress.

7. I went to a boutique to try on dresses that were way out of my price range. I told the stylist that my absolute maximum budget was $600, and she told me that the dresses on the floor start at around $1000. But she was so nice that she found me a beautiful dress that was being sold out in the basement for $400!

8. Bought my dream dress for $200

9. My vintage 1950s wedding dress, which I bought on Etsy for a total of $170, got here today! Everything that made this skirt so full was already there.

10. I got married yesterday. While I wait for the professional pictures to come in, here is my $92 dress from Amazon and the bouquet I made at our free venue in Austin, Texas.

11. I got my dress from the Salvation Army for $20, and it looks like a dream in the pictures. Also, a bouquet you make yourself for about $3.

12. Brides, don't rule out used dresses – I saved 1000 naira on this dress and 50 naira on each bridesmaid dress so far.

13. A wedding dress from Asos for £300. I like it!

14. I bought this beautiful dress on Etsy for $311 with fast shipping for my Halloween wedding.

15. I almost gave up on a dress, but I said yes to a second chance, and I love it! Ninety dollars.

16. My wedding is in a courthouse, and I wasn't planning on doing anything big, but you know what? You only get married once. I went to nearby stores to find something nice that wouldn't break the bank. For $53, I found this gem. I'm so happy about how beautiful it is!!

17. Bought a dress on Amazon for $94. the same as David's

18. I found a beautiful dress for only $25. We're Over the Moon

19. My wedding dress from Asos for 300€! It's better than any designer dress I've tried on.

20. Today I picked out my wedding dress! Paid less than $500 for custom sizes in champagne and ivory!!

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