13 celebrities that elevate the iconic '90s style to a whole new level

Every ten years, fashion changes, but some trends take time to remember. Pop culture and movies made a lot of looks from the 1990s iconic and political. Now is the time to bring back the era for many who lived through it or wish we had. We can do this by remaking the most famous pieces. Look at these styles from the 1990s that are still going strong today.

1. Corsets

2. Space buns

3. ’90s leather jackets

4. Frosted lips

5. Matching plaid sets

6. Retro-inspired sunglasses

7. ’90s scarves

8. Cardigans

9. Plaid skirts

10. Cargo pants

11. Butterfly hairclips

12. Chokers

13. Chainmail dresses


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