16 Images That Provide The Strongest Evidence That Witchcraft Is Real

There are some things in the world that are hard to explain or can't be explained at all. If you're a scientist, it might be easy to figure out what happened to make something possible. Things happen all the time in this world. Just when you think you've seen everything, you go outside and see something even stranger than previously thought. Get ready to say "WHAT?" and "HOW?" a few times.

1. Hey, where is your god now?


3. Please show me a picture of his bones.

4. The aircraft for people

5. SATAN: I don't like this.

6. Some people believe they are cool and don't care; well, guess what? You're not cool; check out this guy.

7. What kind of science are you talking about?

8. This person has a huge amount of free time

9. When there isn't enough room to park next to the mall

10. The person throws a tennis ball.

11. You think your couple is cool, right?

12. Folks, bow down

13. It was just another day in John's life, nothing special.

14. You're so fit that you can't even crack an egg.

15. Proof that there is no god

16. The centipede that isn't human

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