14 Things You Wouldn't Recognize If You Saw Them From A Different Angle

People say that every story has two sides, and each time we see this, we become more sure that this is life. Many times, we think we know something, a person, or a situation, but when we see it from a different angle, we start to wonder if we really did know it.

How we feel about things depends a lot on how we see them. We think this is true of the 14 pictures we're about to show you, which are of things you thought you knew but won't recognize when we deliver them to you from a different angle.

01. This is a giant water lily, which is also called the biggest water lily in the world. Rivers in Peru,  Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana are good places to look for it.

02. People need to have a better idea about how big wolves are. Even though we know this animal is magnificent, we don't know how big it really is. A worker at the care and rescue centre Shy Wolf Sanctuary recently posted a picture of herself with a giant wolf that shocked the whole world.

03. Demonstrations with a lot of people in Hong Kong to spread freedom.

04. Owls have long legs, but they cover them up with their feathers.

05. In the movie "Elf," Will Ferrell looks like a giant because he was set up in a different way, which made the optical effect.

06. This is how Saturn has been shown to us for a long time, but NASA just took a picture of the planet and its rings, and they look like this.

07. In Germany in 1917, this was a trench from the First World War. The second picture shows them now.

08. This is how these scenes from Star Wars were made. So much care went into making them that you wouldn't believe they were made this way.

09. This is what an igloo with a fire inside looks like. It is a beautiful show that happens when heat from the fire melts the inner ice layer, but the cold from the outside freezes it, making an insulating layer.

10. A close-up picture of a lavender field and a photo of the same area taken from above by a drone in the afternoon.

11. Same place, but different time of year.

12. Photos of the damage caused by the last earthquake in a California city, both from the ground and from the air.

13. This is a tiger's fur after it has been cut.

14. The pyramids of Giza are so giant that you feel tiny when you are there.

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