10 People Who Don't Care How Bad The Situation Is

At some point in life, nothing makes sense anymore, and nothing else seems to matter. In some cases, this moment comes with age; in others, it's always been that way, and sometimes it turns into a mass hysteria. Every day, we live by rules and standards that we're used to and about which we no longer even question ourselves. Well, these people are the exceptions that show why, in general, we tend to follow these rules.

1. Their car just flipped over, so now is a great time to take a picture.

2. "Don't Think About Grandma and Smile"

3. Need help?

4. Cancelled flight at night; nothing else to do!

5. On topic!

6. People's opinions don't matter to real artists.

7. What's the point of having two shoes?

8. So this is the class on computers?

9. He is the boss of the centaurs!

10. Why were there white lines on the road?

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