19 Hilariously Weird Romantic Profile Pics From Dating Sites Shows How Far People Will Go To Find Love

On most dating apps, a person's photo is the first thing a possible match looks at before giving a thumbs up or down. On most popular dating apps, your picture matters, and choosing one should be easy: pick the best picture of yourself. The Russians' selfies and pictures aren't anything special, though.

Well-taken selfies are always flattering, but some of the ones I've seen on Russian dating sites run from creepy to very funny. Most online dating sites only let you use a one-inch square for your primary personal photo, so a good headshot is still your best bet. It looks like the Russians don't care about being perfect, but they do care about something that can't be said but is evident in their pictures. People in this piece have mastered the art of dating. They have done everything from sitting by the toilet, striking a pose on a garbage dump, and being a mermaid with a whitetail. Look and have fun!

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