People said that artist Tommy Siegel's drawings of bird legs didn't look real enough, so he "fixed" them.

Art critics are professionals trained to look at artworks, figure out what they mean, and critically judge them. But in the social media age, anyone can become an art critic by criticizing an artist's work. And you don't have to have a master's or doctorate in the art to tell someone what's wrong with their art. After getting some "constructive criticism" from a few people on social media, cartoonist and musician Tommy Siegel began drawing funny birds. This artist is brilliant and shows how to handle criticism like a boss. You'll be the clear winner if you conform to your critics' standards in a funny, sarcastic way.

Siegel was first known for his funny comics, which showed people, animals, and heart-shaped figures in funny situations. But at the end of November 2020, he put up a set of drawings of birds on his Instagram page. Since the pandemic lockdown, the artist wrote, he has been watching birds more. So he chose to draw some of the birds he saw. All of the birds he drew had interestingly large rear ends, which may have been meant to be funny.

But even though the bird's buttocks were big, some people noticed the legs and said they didn't look real enough. A few days later, Siegel posted that he had "fixed" his bird drawings and redrawn them with "very realistic" legs. People were surprised by how much they liked the funny change, and they asked him to make more like it. Now, if you go to his Instagram page, you'll see a lot of funny drawings of birds with realistic legs that look funny and silly.

A cartoonist makes drawings of funny birds.

Tommy Siegel

Tommy Siegel

Tommy Siegel

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