16  things whose relative sizes can only be realized by comparison.

Some things are too big or small, but we only realize how big or small they are once we compare them to something else. In this post, you'll see funny differences between well-known things.

1. Giant ship

2. A toy for a giant

3. Wolf and Husky

4. Wow cog

5. Giant Sequoias

6. Huge cube

7. The moment when the biggest and smallest horses met

8. Huge screwdriver

9. The mini excavator can fit into the bucket of a Tirex super excavator

10. The snail has grown significantly in a year

11. The difference in the size of my ring and the ring of my husband

12. Small bird feather compared to pencil

13. Huge Can of Nutella

14. The difference between the size of a large aircraft and conventional aircraft

15. Big Harpy

16. This is Giant George. He was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest dog that ever lived.

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