People are laughing at these "funny selfies" this guy "took" on his journey of time travels.

Have you ever thought you could go back in time and meet your favorite people from the past? Well, one guy took that wish to a whole new level. Meet Stelfie, a time traveler who isn't like most of them because he's not even a natural person. Well, not yet, at least. Selfie is a lucky guy, whether he's real or not. He has "built" a time machine with the help of AI and Photoshop that lets him go back in time and take selfies with some of the most famous people or places from different eras.

"I've always liked "Back to the Future," so when I got the chance to "build" my time machine, I thought the best way to celebrate was to have a lot of fun. Stelfie is about a funny guy who ironically looks at life. He is a lucky traveler who gets away from his everyday life and goes to a place where anything can happen, "The person who made Stelfie said.

Follow Stelfie on his trip through time as he meets people like Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso and takes selfies with them. We think these pictures will make you laugh and wonder what other crazy things this guy will do next.

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