Shocking Images of People Lying in 7 Days' Worth of Trash

We all know that pollution is a problem worldwide, but only a few people know how much trash we make daily. Gregg Segal, a photographer from California, wants to show how serious this problem is by taking photos of people lying in their weekly trash. His ongoing project, which he cleverly calls "7 Days of Garbage," tries to show people from different social classes to reach the most people.

Segal decided to take pictures of the people in front of natural backgrounds to show that the trash we make directly affects the environment.

"It's clear that the series is leading people to face the excess that is a part of their lives. He told Slate, "I hope they realize that a lot of the trash they make is unnecessary."

Some people who took part were too embarrassed by how much trash they made each week, so they changed how their trash bags looked. Others showed everything precisely as it was, which led to some nasty and compelling pictures, which you can see here.

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