10 Random Images to Make You Smile & Brighten Your Day

There are a lot of strange pictures on the internet that are funny enough to make you feel better. You name it, and you can find it. There are many of them out there, and there is an image for everything. Here is a collection that is sure to make you feel better.

Who gets these Car plates?

We've seen a lot of customized license plates for cars. Depending on the customer's wants, this one is the best, from the fancy to the plain weird.

A cake that can say a thousand things

We've seen many beautifully designed cakes that are meant to make the person about to cut them happier, but this guy did something completely crazy that makes his point so well we like it.
What happened here?

This woman was looking forward to the elephant safari. But she never in her wildest dreams would have thought that the elephant's trunk would touch her face. But weird things do happen, right?

What a place to get away

We often think about and plan trips to places that will make us feel good and add to our memories. If you've been looking for such a place, you don't need to look any further.

She is a good archer.

We don't know why so few people take up archery, but many well-known archers have made their countries proud. It would be great if there were more archery teachers like her.

Relationship these days

How will we be together for decades if we can't even get along for 5 minutes? This is a question that affects every relationship today.

Smartphones and social media have completely changed the game's rules, and loyalty is no longer a thing.

What did he want to catch?

Even though we like candid pictures, we don't like it when people take random pictures and post them. This picture looks like it was born in the same way.

Stormtrooper has arrived.

We've seen a lot of strange things in our lives. But this one has to be right up there with the weirdest and funniest.

What does this mean?

The jury is still out on what this is, but whatever it is, we don't like it very much. If you know what it is, please tell us.

How cute is this?

We thought we had seen a lot in our lives, but when we saw this gentleman-like man with that innocent smile, we had to say, "That's it. Let sanity win."

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