Top 10 Weirdest Sports From All Around The World

Playing or watching sports is the most entertaining thing to do. It keeps your body in shape because you have to work hard at it, and if you love it enough, you'll enjoy it no matter what. It is a very competitive world, and you may lose a lot, but that doesn't mean you should give up or the game wasn't made for you. It should make you want to keep trying and get better to get there. Famous sports include football, skating, basketball, cricket, and many more. But the sports we've listed below are strange, unusual, and just plain weird. But it must be fun to play and do these things.

Toe wrestling

Since 1970, this sport has been getting increasingly popular, and it's great that more and more people are participating in the World Toe Wrestling Championship every year. Each player has three seconds to grab their opponent's big toe and hold it down. They play with both feet until the third round.

Tuna Tossing

It began in a small fishing town in South Australia called Port Lincoln, where fishermen used to throw fish onto trucks. Later, it turned into a festival in the area.

The person who throws a 20-pound fish the farthest will be considered the winner. Some changes have been made to the game, and now rubber fish are used instead of real fish, which makes it more accessible.
Giant pumpkin kayaking

Paddling a kayak is another sport. The most famous giant pumpkin race takes place yearly at Lake Pesaquid in Nova Scotia.

This race goes for almost a half mile, and the participating people beautifully decorate the pumpkins.

Wife carrying

You can think about carrying heavy things, but being a wife is unique. It is a popular sport where the husband carries his wife on his back and jumps over different obstacles to win.

It started in Finland but is now very popular in Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia, Ireland, and the United States. When trying to win the World Wife Carrying World Championship, the teams from these countries leave nothing to chance.

Ultimate Tazer Ball

This game was made in California in the year 2012. Two teams of four people each played the game. They tried to throw a giant ball into the other team's goalpost to score points. It took this sport to a new level by giving each player a stun gun to use while playing.

The people who made the game said that the current in the stun gun doesn't hurt anyone because it makes the player drop the ball. But people didn't like the game, and it was no longer played by 2015.

Octopus wrestling

When championships for octopus wrestling were held in the 1960s, they were very popular. Divers go into the water and bring the octopus to the surface. The size of the octopus, the players, and the catch will determine who wins the competition.

Cheese rolling

It sounds perfect for rolling cheese... Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling & Wake is the event's name, which takes place every year in Gloucester, England.

From the top of the steep hill, the 9-pound cheese wheel is rolled down the mountain, and the participants run after it.

The cheese goes to the first person who gets to the bottom of the hill. That seems simple...


Fans of Harry Potter will love this sport because they already know how to play it. We don't have a real Hogwarts and witchcraft doesn't exist, so you can't fly with your broom.

For us Muggles, this game is played on land.

The name of this field is "Muggle Quidditch." This is cool!


There are two teams in Bo-taoshi, and they compete to take control of a pole. Isn't it a strange game? The battle isn't over yet. The defenders will try to keep the pole standing straight, and the attackers will try to knock it over.

Sepak takraw

Have you ever wondered how to combine two games to make a new one? Sepak Takraw is an excellent example of a sport that combines two different ones. It is a mix of volleyball and football, and Southeast Asia is becoming more interested in it. This is twice as much fun as just one game.

The rules say that the players can hit the ball with their legs, heads, knees, or chests to send it to the other court.

The ball is made of softwood, and the rules of the International Sepaktakraw Federation say that it must be round.

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