You Can Only See Misleading Thumbnails Once (20+ Pics)

Sometimes we think we see something, but it's something else. When we are in a situation, we don't know well, our brain is more likely to lead us astray. But the truth isn't always what our brain wants us to think it is. Misleading Thumbnails is a subreddit where people share pictures with titles that aren't what they seem to be. This way, when we read the title first, our brain has an idea of what to expect next, but as we've already said, the reality is a bit different.

So far, 429k people live in this community, and their posts are pretty funny. In one picture, we can see two different things. This also shows how important the way we describe something is. It makes our brain trust that it will see what the text says at some point. But if you like surprises, don't miss the pictures we put together for you.

Please scroll down to see it, and vote up the image with the most misleading text.

1. A mouse cursor was left in one frame of The Matrix (1999) by accident.

2. A man with curly hair is getting ready to jump into the water.

3. Mark Zuckerberg at Home Sick in Bed

4. It's too bad that the leather couch has a tear

5. The pan I was using burned a spot on the sheet.

6. People at a show

7. Beautiful blood moon

8. The trashy bride shows everything

9. Japan has a high-tech elevator system

10. The head of Cleopatra, the great pharaoh

11. I found this huge antelope skull in the desert.

12. Musical notes

13. Human heads that scream

14. Water waste disposal

15. A narrow tunnel

16. My stupid cat always sits on the things I leave on the table.

17. Going outside to get some air

18. Fried chicken

19. This blanket was thrown over a couch

20. Those chickens are so happy-looking!

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