20+ Images side by side that show things from a different point of view

You've probably all heard that cringe-worthy phrase. "It's funny how little changes everyday. But everything is different when you look back." Man, you're right. If you can't compare the change to what it was like before, it's hard to see it. When you do, everything will be different. Even the way you look at things changes.

Many before and after pictures blow our minds. How people, animals, and things around us can change, for better or worse. When we pay more attention and notice this change, something inside us also changes.

Here is a list of pictures to compare. Please scroll down to see it, and give a thumbs up to the one you like best.

1. Two doctors told me I wouldn't make it to my 40th birthday. At the time, I weighed 500 pounds. It's my 40th today. I lost 350 pounds during that time.

2. In Australia, this much food can be bought for a pack of cigarettes.

3. I finally got my braces off after nine years of hard work. I couldn't help but smile.

4. The first day of chemotherapy vs. the last day

5. Alzheimer's disease has been found in William Utermohlen. He drew pictures of himself until he could hardly tell who he was.

6. Before and after a wooden chair

7. The largest ocean sunfish in the world and how small they are when they are born

8. Becoming moms at the same time

9. Compare a scarf that stops photographers from taking pictures with and without a flash.

10. My cousin and I. 2005 And 2020. Now, it was much harder to take the picture.

11. A tiger's paw is about the size of a man's hand.

12. My ankle two days before I gave birth (on the left) and two days after I gave birth (on the right) (right)

13. This is what got to me the most. 5 pounds of fat for every 5 pounds of muscle

14. This is a picture of my twin next to each other and me.

15. Two pieces of meteorites that came from the moon and mars. The grey one is from the moon, and the black one is from Mars.

16. One year ago today, I bought my first bike.

17. Vials of heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil next to each other. Each one had a dose of the drug that could kill a person.

18. All I want is a bigger pocket. Is that too much to ask? Sincerely, all the women

19. Mom looks at the "£30-worth" government food package and compares it to what she can buy for £30.

20. The first picture shows me at my worst. The second happened recently, after almost a year of medicine and self-care.

21. Before and after of a man who walked for a year across China

22. The difference between my skin color and that of my twin. I don't go outside when he does.

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