24 people that were captured on camera at the most unexpected times

Not everyone can take photos that blend in mind, even if they try a few times. But there aren't many photos that take it to the next level. By scrolling down, you can see how different people see the photos below and how dirty you are. After taking these funny pictures, the people in them will think twice before saying "cheese" for a picture again. Any way you look at it, you need a keen eye to catch the right moment.

1. This will teach you to stop talking.

2. Kind of Embarrassing

3. A Bad and Funny Thing That Happened

4. One body, two heads

5. Where is His Head?

6. Good Way to Hide the Truth or Bad News?

7. No, that's not right!

8. A Unique Perspective

9. Best Selfie Ever

10. "I can't keep doing this much longer."

11. She probably thought about getting a divorce at her wedding

12. That "firework" show is likely to hurt.

13. She doesn't know he's taking pictures of her.

14. It seems that someone didn't like what he was saying.

15. Don't worry, I'll get it for you

16. It doesn't look like a good magic trick

17. Hey, I wasn't through with that yet!

18. Doesn't Anyone Even Care?

19. This won't go well in the end

20. That "dress" looks great on him.

21. Looking back, he could have bought the Deluxe version.

22. This could hurt for a while

23. When did this start to be a sport?

24. "Not on your face".

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