Amanda Oleander, an artist, draws pictures of her pregnancy so she will never forget those times.

Amanda Oleander, who lives in Los Angeles, draws pictures of her pregnancy so she won't forget those times. Oleander makes art because it's a way for her to capture a real moment in time that was never photographed, and if it were, it might change the reality of the moment because we know we're being photographed.

Amanda Oleander is an artist who works in the modern style and lives in Los Angeles. At age 5, when she was waiting in line for a ride at Disney World, someone saw that she was good at drawing. She drew the Disney characters she had met, and soon people in line started watching her and giving her compliments. Because of this, Amanda's parents signed her up for art classes and gave her an annual museum pass. Since then, Amanda has been drawing and painting.

Scroll down and get some ideas. Check out her Instagram to see more of her outstanding work.

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