20+ Weird Things People Discovered That Will Satisfy Your Curiosity

You've most likely heard of the Gold Rush. Money, wealth, and the desire to change one's life in a single day can motivate thousands of people to risk their health and even their lives prospecting in the middle of nowhere. Finding priceless treasures can send people into a frenzy. Money, vast sums of money, can always make us happy. It's just that not everyone can experience such golden happiness.

Unexpected discoveries can provide the same level of satisfaction for me and possibly many others. I'm not a money-obsessed individual. The greatest reward for me probably satisfies my curiosity. And I believe that many people would enjoy seeing unusual things in their lives. That is why I have compiled the list below. Here are 21 odd discoveries that will surely satisfy your curious mind. Let's take a look at them as we scroll down.

#1 I discovered a Mercedes in the attic!


#2 A pufferfish was discovered in a tree after a weekend storm in New England.

#3 In East Sussex, England, I discovered this strange quarter in the middle of the woods.

#4 After came home from vacation to find a yellow pages book at my door being eaten by snails

#5 Spring has arrived, and the first snowdrops have appeared.

#6 These "rocks" I discovered outside my house were completely enclosed in plastic.

#7 I dropped a frog lawn decoration only to find two snowmen inside.

#8 I discovered a hummingbird nest in my lemon tree!

#9 While cleaning out my old room at my parents' house, I discovered some treasure.

#10 Mulder discovered the largest pine cone he has ever seen! He was overjoyed as he pulled it from a bush to show me.

#11 This note was discovered by my grandmother inside this shell in Virginia; the shell is from Galveston, Texas.

#12 My book has a 65-page gap that I'm not sure about.

#13 While golfing, my father and brother discovered this little fatty stuck in a tree. They had to wiggle him out by his little legs, but they were able to save him.

#14 This log was embellished with pennies found while hiking.

#15 A bread-filled driveway

#16 This is a "sea pickle," a blob of pyrosomes found in the sea. This one was caught off the coast of East Australia.

#17 This was discovered at a nearby high school.

#18 Some dude was grilling meat in his parked car. Can you do it?

#19 Take a look at this shark's tooth I discovered. It's only slightly larger than my beer can.

#20 I discovered 15 four-leaf clovers and 3 five-leaf clovers in the same patch yesterday.

#21 Strange, sticky particles that can only be seen with a flashing camera are nearly impossible to remove.


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