A Photographer Asked Strangers To Pose With Each Other While Touching

We're not going to tell you anything new when we say that the pandemic has changed our way of life and the way we interact with one another. We are more likely than ever to keep our distance from one another today. It appears that we must relearn how to interact with others. While it may not be difficult for some, it may be difficult for others.

Richard Renaldi is a photographer from New York, USA, who came up with the idea for the "Touching Strangers" photo series. The artist began this project in 2007 and finished it in 2013, long before the chaos caused by Covid erupted. The photographs show strangers interacting physically while posing together. The portraits are affectionate and intimate, prompting us to consider the distance and boundaries we set for one another, especially in these trying times.

More Info & Images Credit - renaldi.com / Instagram / Twitter / Flickr

Shalom And Jeff, New York, 2013

Janaki And Dominic, 2013, Pa

Jesse And Michael, New York, 2013

Michael And Jared, New York, 2011

Donna And Donna, 2011

Reiko And Brian, 2013

Elaine And Arly, 2012

Soukhet And Dawn, 2012

Ekeabong And Andrew, 2013

Deborah And Joseph, 2011

Angie, Steve, Edward, And Maria, 2012

Leasia And Rebecca, 2013

Mila And Jm, 2013

Kim And Yoshie, 2007

Perry And Mark, 2012

Atiljan And Tiffany, 2011

Aminah And Erica, 2013

Rayqa And Annalee, 2012

Hunter, Margaret, And Abigail, 2013

Jacob And Lola, 2012

Ashleigh And Tony, 2012

Nicholas And Caleb, 2013

Michal And Sarah, 2011

Gerry And Gian Michael, 2011

Tiana Andgunnar, 2013

Nathan And Robyn, 2012

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