We Can't Wait To Hear From A 72-Year-Old Woman Who Reveals She's In Her Best Shape Now


While some people age more slowly than others, Norma Williams, a fitness fan, knows how to stop time. She looks like a model even though she is over 70 years old. And she has an important message she wants to spread: if you take care of your body, it can improve with age.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to show you how amazing Norma looks as she maintains her killer physique.





She didn't always have this body. Norma had been overweight since childhood due to a lack of healthy habits. She began to alter her lifestyle when she was 28 years old. Because most people cannot change their life patterns overnight, Norma has been on a journey that she is still on.






She noticed that her life began to change as she changed her lifestyle, and her appearance improved. She finally arrived at a point where she was content with herself. For those who want to change their lifestyle, she recommends taking baby steps and giving yourself years and years to do so.




She claims that regular exercise has helped her body to improve. She goes fast walking four times a week and to the gym twice a week. She gradually increased her exercise routine and improved her diet as a result. She could eat a family-sized bag of chips and a lot of cookies not long ago, but she kept working on herself.




Nora believes that our bodies deserve nothing but respect and that we frequently abuse them, but that if we try to make positive changes, our bodies will reward us. So, regardless of whether you have baggy skin, wrinkles, or stretch marks, it's time to love yourself and your body!




What do you think causes a youthful appearance? What would you change in your habits if you knew they would have a long-term impact on your life?

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