21 Stunning Images Of Tribes Who Are Completely Isolated From Society


Some people live in isolation from the rest of the world. And a British photographer was in charge of tracking them out and sharing the photographs of their lives with the rest of the world.

Imagery expert Jimmy Nelson traveled five continents to discover the most remote tribes of our leading cultures of East and West to show their lifestyles before they vanished without a trace.

The photographer from Sevenoaks, United Kingdom, visited 34 indigenous tribes from Mongolia to Indonesia and published his project, Homage to Humanity at the end of his journey. His main goal was to influence people's perceptions of tribes confined to remote corners of the globe, and he had a fantastic time doing so:

"When I was 17, I embarked on a journey that continues to this day. It's all about reconnection and self-discovery. "I dressed him up with photos, tribes, and indigenous cultures, but it's ultimately a very personal journey of trying to feel, survive, and be alive," says the artist.

These are the greatest photos Jimmy took of 21 indigenous tribes throughout his crazy journey:

#1. Hakamou’i Tribe, Ua Pou, French Polynesia

#2. Cormorants of Yang Shuo, China

#3. Masked dancers, Paro, Bhutan

#4. Samburu Tribe, Kenya

#5. Perak Women, Thikse Monastery, Ladakh, India

#6. Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands

#7. Khoyor Tolgoi Hill, Mongolia

#8. Huli Wigmen, Ambua Falls, Papua New Guinea

#9. Ganges, Haridwar, India

#10. Tarangire, Rift Escarpment, Tanzania

#11. Ni Vanuatu Men Rah Lava Island, Vanuatu Islands

#12. Ndoto Range, Kenya

#13. Likekaipia Tribe in Jalibu Mountains, Papua New Guinea

#14. Angge people, Mustang, Nepal

#15. Te Aroha Mikaka & Bay of Islands, New Zealand

#16. Paro Pass, Bhutan

#17. Uramana Clan, Amuioan, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

#18. Miao Town, China

#19. Mount Bosavi Waterfall, Papua New Guinea

#20. Cerro Cristal in Patagonia, Argentina

#21. Korcho Village, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

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