When luck Smiles On The Photographer: 15 Incredible Images That Will Amaze You


No, no. These photos not have been planned ahead of time. A little bit of luck was needed to obtain them. That is, after all, what it is all about the great gift of being able to "catch the moment." But those who created these images likely had no idea how fortunate they were. Suddenly their photos are circulating the Internet, giving thousands of people the chance to feel the same emotions as their creators!

Of course, a few simple images can't capture the complete mood of the occasion. And it is here that the imagination comes into play, capable of giving the tale "the finishing touch." That, however, makes no difference. The coincidence, His Majesty the Chance, the captivating and unpredictable, is the most remarkable aspect of the case.

All the images credit should go to respective owners....

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