Digital Artist Combines Completely Different Scenes from Popular Movies And TV, And The Results Are Hilarious (30 New Pics)


Can you imagine how hilarious it would be if Jack Sparrow were there with Rose in Titanic? or what would Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory do if he met the ghost of The Rings? 

If you cannot imagine the exact picture of such a hilarious thing.

Do not worry!

This Hungarian artist can do it for you and show us what it looks like. Pixelfaker is a freelance artist who is the creator of these hilarious but yet great edits. He takes popular and well-known characters from our favorite Tv shows and movies and adds them into another entirely different scene in a movie or TV series, which gives a funny outcome at the end. According to him, inspiration to create these outstanding edits came from how characters look when they are placed in completely different positions, which are really interesting to see. 

Here are some of his funny edits that we wanted to share with you.

Although Pixelfaker is a famous artist by now, there are not many things that we can find about him because he doesn't like to share his personal details with the world. It seems like he wants to remain mysterious. Despite his silence about his personal life, he loves to share his thoughts about his artworks. And through his experience, he assures that anyone can be an artist if that person has good ideas and know-how things are running. 

 So he does not like to share each and every step behind these edits, and he focuses only on giving the end result. He is really enthusiastic about creating more and more edits and, at the same time, gets disappointed when he is out of ideas. 

Do not forget that he hopes to create more and more edits in the future as well!

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