15-year-old Bailee Villavaso has become a mother to Three Squirrels After Hurricane Ida Destroyed Their Nest


The state of Louisiana had to face Hurricane Ida, which was one of the most powerful and rapidly intensifying storms that hit the United States. It delivered misery and destruction for millions of people in there. With catastrophic winds, heavy rainfall, and tornadoes, not only humans but also thousands of animals lost their lives. 15-year-old Bailee Villavaso spotted a squirrel nest that was on the ground when she and her family were evacuating the city due to the hurricane.

And she immediately looked inside and found three baby squirrels in the nest who had been blown down to the ground with the heavy rain and the wind. She could not find any trace of these squirrel’s mother. So this little girl did not need to abandon these little baby squirrels and rushed into the home to take a box and a blanket to keep them inside. 

This young teenager revealed that she wanted to keep them warm as much as possible because squirrels were lethargic and struggling to stay warm. She did not stop by that and immediately reached out to a Vet who was her family member to get more advice about taking care of these little babies. Thereby this kind-hearted young teenager became their adoptive mother. She named these three squirrels Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, which are taken from famous cartoon chipmunks.

And further, she explained that squirrels were so energetic within 24 hours after being fed and started climbing and running over her. Now she is really happy about being a mother to them. 

Still, these little cuties are with her. But she was intelligent enough to understand that caring for squirrels is a job suited for professionals, and now she is reaching for animal rehab centers. But with the situation of the Hurricanes, most rehab centers were full. But she did not give up her effort and continuously searched for a suitable center to give her little friends. Until then, these little friends of hers will enjoy her love and affection.

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All images via Bailee Villavaso.

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