Feel the sparkling stars through photography in a large salt flat!

Some unbelievable natural salt flats are situated worldwide, and they were incredible in creating some extraordinary arts. A Russian photographer Daniel Kordan has recently traveled to Bolivia to the world’s largest salt flat known as Salar de Uyuni. And he has captured some magnificent camera shots with the sceneries of the milky way, which is described due to the plain with salt mineral coverage. With the enlightened thoughts that Kordan has pointed us through an email, there are no places where you can see and feel the whole dark sky, such as being into a salt flat.

Kordan was enlightened with his imagination due to the sceneries he could capture at the salt flat and decided to go for a month. His target was to capture the stars in the dark sky to have astrophotography. There is a high elevation of 4000 to 5000 meters above the average sea level. 

So, this has taken around five days for Kordan to familiarize himself with the change in the environment. The following two weeks he spent in Altiplano of Bolivia and had to face some challenges, and luckily, he was able to meet them in an excellent way to overcome them to achieve his tasks. The main struggle occurred due to complicated movements and hard breathing. 

But, with timely planning and great courage, they were able to stand up with reasonable safety and good health.

This adjustment time was an excellent chance to capture some eye-catching scenes for Kordan. He says “Space on Earth '' for these intoxicating visuals. Kordan was unable to see anything at night. What he was able to feel was trudging his car through water and sand. As he describes this experience, it was like they were floating in an open space. It felt as if their spaceship was parked between red, blue, and yellow-colored stars. 

What an experience you can think of if you could stand with sparkling stars that cover all around you. Just imagine this perfect scenario while feeling Kardon’s photography.

What Kardan thinks is the entire world is his home. And nowadays he is at Greenland and Faroe Islands to lead some photography workshops which tells on the ways of capturing these incredible sceneries.











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